Monday, July 15, 2013

I guess I am way overdue for an update.  So, I am more than 3 years post surgery to remove a teeny tiny tumor that basically ruined my life...well not my entire life but the physical part of it.  I wish I could be more cheerful but I am so tired of still hurting.  I really thought by now that my life would be semi-normal.  Don't get me wrong, I've lost tons of weight, no longer have the 'moon' face or hump on my back, my hair and skin are back to normal but I hurt all the time.  It is so sad to me that I honestly cannot recall the last time I felt good.  In reality, it has been about 5 years since I started to get sick.  It took 2 to get diagnosed.  My physician tells me that is the problem...going undiagnosed so long gave Cushing's ample opportunity to have a party inside my body causing damage that can't be 'fixed.'  It makes me angry because I begged and pleaded with doctors and specialists saying, "Something is wrong, I am not just fat!" It took 2 years and a midwife to diagnose me.  A midwife!  Not even a doctor, a lovely lady who was just doing my annual pap smear who knew me and knew I didn't look like myself and then took the time to listen to me.  God bless her. 
Now that my rant is over, I will tell you medically-speaking, my labs are good with the exception of my thyroid. We are still playing with the dosage of my thyroid medication because we haven't found the magic dosage just yet.  It keeps being increased and I am hoping we find my number soon.  No sign of relapse, which I am thankful for.  As much as I hurt, it is nothing compared to when I had Cushing's disease.  I will say I do miss one thing with Cushing's...the highs. I could clean my house in an hour..haha!  Of course the low after the high was hell but still...


  1. Hi Lisa. How are you doing in these days? Are you still struggling with all over pain and fatigue? Do you regret having a surgery? Please let me know how you are doing. I am about to have a surgery and million thoughts are shooting per minute. I hope you are well Lisa.

  2. Thank you for your blog. I am trying to start weaning and feel sick to my stomache. This is like the worst ongoing thing. Like you, I had it for 5 years got surgery last year. I hope I can recover soon it's been a year of adrenal insuffiency. Congrats on your progress.